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Safety and Cigarette Alternatives: IQOS vs Juul

Safety and Cigarette Alternatives: IQOS vs Juul

  • Norman Margarian
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  • Jul, 13 , 20

Sometimes we don’t even notice how much modern technology is changing the world around.

Even if a person does not seek to stay on the crest of a wave of progress, it still seeps into his life.

Conventional cigarettes are no longer in vogue and are ostracized in every way. In general, the anti-smoking revolution is slowly creeping around the world. And against this background, the popularity of gadgets for smokers that can reduce the harm from smoking is growing.

All modern gadgets for smokers can be divided into two groups. These are systems for heating tobacco (IQOS, Glo, Jouz) and systems for evaporating nicotine-containing liquids (vapes, e-cigarettes, pod systems). The most popular representatives from these groups are, respectively, IQOS and Juul.

What are the pros and cons of each technology? Let's try to figure it out.

IQOS Tobacco Heating System

IQOS should not be confused with vapes. Unlike vape, this device does not evaporate the liquid but heats natural tobacco from special sticks to 300-350 degrees Celsius. For comparison, in a regular cigarette, tobacco, and paper burn at a temperature of about 800-900 degrees Celsius. Due to the technology of heating (rather than burning) tobacco, the IQOS user receives pure tobacco vapor without smoke, burning, tar, and other harmful combustion products.

The IQOS 3 system itself consists of two components. These are a case (charger) and holder for tobacco sticks. Inside the holder is a flat heating element on which a tobacco stick is mounted. Tobacco heats up to the required temperature in about 20 seconds and you can start using it (it takes about 6 minutes or 14 puffs - just like a regular cigarette). For a second session, the holder must be charged by placing it in the main power bank for three minutes. And for those who like to smoke several cigarettes in a row, there is a new brand IQOS 3 Multi - this gadget allows you to use more than 10 sticks without recharging between sessions.

Overall, IQOS is user friendly and ergonomic. Its main advantage is the pure natural tobacco flavor. Nothing burns in IQOS, and tobacco vapor has the same great aroma as quality tobacco.

iqos heating system

Juul Liquid Evaporation System

Juul is a device from a new generation of compact vapes. The gadget vaporizes the liquid with an electronic heater. But, compared to conventional vapes, Juul has several advantages. Traditional vapes use synthetic nicotine mixed with glycerin and propylene glycol. It evaporates well but is very slowly absorbed into the blood. Therefore, it is often necessary to soar for a very long time to experience the effect.

Juul uses a different composition - the so-called “saline nicotine”. For its production, ordinary synthetic nicotine is mixed with benzoic acid. As a result, nicotine salt is formed, and it is already mixed with glycerin. In this form, nicotine is absorbed into the blood much faster - almost the same as nicotine from natural tobacco.

Juul is a very compact and thin gadget resembling an elongated flash drive. Capsules with liquid for Juul are called "pods." Inside each hearth there is a heating element. At the moment of tightening, the element is activated and gives out a portion of steam. One capsule is enough for about 200 puffs.

The gadget is charged using a small dock with a USB port. It can be connected both to a computer and to a regular power supply network via USB charging.

IQOS vs Juul?

As practice shows, the owners of IQOS and Juul quite fanatically defend their gadgets. This is logical - the choice, first of all, depends on the taste and individual preferences of the user. Nevertheless, we will try to identify several objective criteria for comparison.


Juul is more exotic, IQOS is natural

Juul has 5 flavors: tobacco, mint, mango, vanilla, fruit. There is even a cucumber flavor in the USA. IQOS has 6 flavors: 3 tobacco (classic, saturated, saturated +) and 3 flavored (menthol, berry, citrus-ginger). The aroma of tobacco is absolutely natural. Ultimately, the choice between IQOS and Juul is still a choice between two completely different technologies: heating tobacco and heating nicotine fluid. Which is better - everyone decides for himself, this is a subjective matter.

Critical bugs: Juul has serious problems

Juul has serious hearth problems. Either the hearths are not always tight, or the integrity is broken when connected to the device, but in the process of using the gadget starts to leak. And sometimes openly spit liquid. This is hardly good when a concentrated nicotine solution enters the tongue, and certainly unpleasant.

IQOS has a rather long history in the market. No critical bugs were detected.

What is more harmful? You need to be careful with Juul

It’s best not to smoke at all. If you smoke, then any electronic alternative (IQOS, Juul, vape, whatever) will be much less harmful than regular cigarettes. First of all due to the absence of combustion products (carcinogenic resins and carbon monoxide).

But even among electronic devices, there is a gradation of “harmfulness”. The main factor here is the nicotine content. According to this criterion, vapes seasoned with nicotine-free liquid are considered the least harmful. Next up are tobacco heating systems like IQOS, then electronic cigarettes with an increased dosage of nicotine. And the most unsafe of all is considered Juul.

Nicotine concentration is very high in Juul - 5%, although, for comparison, a maximum of 2% is allowed in EU countries. As a result, when evaporating one hearth (equivalent to a pack of cigarettes), 59 mg of nicotine enters the body. At the same time, in one pack of Heets for IQOS nicotine will be only 10 mg, and in a pack of cigarettes from 4 to 18, depending on the strength.

In general, with Juul, there is a serious risk of catching an overdose. Especially if part of the filler is also poured into the mouth, and not evaporated, as expected.
This risk is so great that many vapers themselves take apart the hearths, drain the liquid and fill it with ordinary vape slurry with a not so high nicotine concentration.

Availability and service: IQOS wins Juul

IQOS and sticks to it are easy to buy both online with delivery and offline.

If you want to buy IQOS and other accessories you can visit our online shop. 

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