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IQOS or Regular Cigarettes. What is less harmful?

IQOS or Regular Cigarettes. What is less harmful?

  • Norman Margarian
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  • Jul, 01 , 20

IQOS confidently pushed traditional cigarettes out of fashion and changed the life of smokers once and for all.

Is this just for the best? What doctors and scientists are actually saying about cigarette alternatives.

Why IQOS is much healthier than regular cigarettes?

IQOS is less harmful than cigarettes

This fact is confirmed by many studies. Of course, it is better not to smoke at all. But if the smoker is determined to continue, then doctors and scientists recommend switching to a less harmful alternative – IQOS Heets.

IQOS heats natural tobacco soaked in glycerin (this is necessary to ensure evaporation). Due to the fact that tobacco in IQOS is heated rather than burned, the user is protected from harmful combustion products - carbon monoxide and carcinogenic resins. When using IQOS, 90-95% less harmful substances are released compared to regular cigarettes.

But there are categories of people to whom IQOS are contraindicated. The main difference between IQOS and cigarettes is that it does not have a burning process. What does it mean? When you smoke a cigarette, you inhale more than 6,000 different chemicals. At least 1% (carbon monoxide, ammonia, carcinogenic resins, etc.) of them can cause serious diseases.

Since tobacco in IQOS does not burn, but only heats up to a clearly controlled temperature, the total amount of harmful substances released is reduced by 90-95% compared to a regular cigarette. And the number of the most dangerous of them even tends to zero. Moreover, where there is no burning, there is no smoke and ash. So IQOS can be safely called one of the safest and most hygienic substitutes for cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

On the subject of IQOS and its ability to reduce the harm from smoking, several dozen independent research institutions and organizations in the field of health protection have already spoken out.

Advantages of IQOS Heets over regular cigarettes: aesthetics and practicality
Here, perhaps, tobacco heating systems objectively have a number of advantages. Firstly, no creepy brown teeth that are actively depicted on packs of regular cigarettes. Fashionable IQOS Dubai has almost no effect on the beauty of a smile.

Most smokers also like the lack of smell - this applies to both the body and clothing. Those who do not like to “kiss with an ashtray” have finally got a compromise solution.

Another important point is the lack of ash. This bonus was very pleasing to motorists: they now form one of the largest groups of IQOS supporters.
Oddly enough, tobacco heating systems have a positive effect on fire statistics. The situation is rather sad in terms of fires due to unquenched cigarettes - 10% of the total number of fires. In this regard, the alternative is absolutely safe.

Smoking is harmful, but tobacco lovers have been and are, despite all the campaigns to combat nicotine addiction. While society is at war with smokers, and the government is going to expand the effect of the anti-tobacco law, tobacco magnates earn extra money with the help of technological progress.

The popular IQOS, of course, will not save you from nicotine addiction, but there are still noticeable advantages over regular cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

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