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Meet New IQOS Heets TEAK Selection from Parliament

Meet New IQOS Heets TEAK Selection from Parliament

  • Ahmed Muhammad
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  • Mar, 09 , 21

The IQOS Dubai heets is a new and improved type of smoking that is not only a better option for those who are trying to quit smoking, but it is also a better option for our surroundings and the environment, it is eco-friendly because it doesn’t burn the tobacco, rather it heats the tobacco which then heats enough for it to produce smoke because it doesn’t burn the tobacco substance and chemicals that are harmful to our environment and atmosphere that are produced and brought by the burning of tobacco are not released and because of that, they cannot cause harm to our atmosphere so using an IQOS heets is your own way of contributing to saving the planet.

The Teak Selection from Parliament

Heets have been produced for a while now and more flavors have been created like the IQOS heets teak selection from parliament, this particular flavor is really new and has a woody and nutty smell. Most people say it has the smell of toasted tobacco, it smells like tobacco mixed with a different assertion of nuts and then toasted. This aroma is classic and different from the traditional heets flavors that people have been trying out and taking, this one comes with a different type of feeling entirely.

With this heat stick, you can actually feel the true taste and flavor of the tobacco, it is not overshadowed by other flavors or sweetness that usually covers the taste and feel of the tobacco, this actually lets you see the true taste of the tobacco through the nicotine. 

Teak Selection Nicotine

The doses of nicotine you take in from the IQOS heet is more than the amount you normally take in when smoking with a traditional cigarette, it hits harder and you take in higher doses of nicotine and because of this you have to keep in mind that nicotine is an addictive substance so when you are constantly taking in higher doses your body may get used to that feeling and that is how people get addicted so when using the heat stick always smoke responsibly and you are good. 

These are a few enlightening points about the new e-cigarette heat stick that is the IQOS heets teak, a new and improved way of smoking, a smoking style that may soon dominate and take all traditional smoking cigarettes down under. Using the IQOS heet e-cigarette is a better option especially when you want to quit, so try it out. The unique flavored smoking option will give the authentic tobacco taste and leave no bad odor in the mouth, thus allowing you to have a hassle-free smoking experience.
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