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How anti-smoking laws affecting IQOS

How anti-smoking laws affecting IQOS

  • Norman Margarian
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  • Aug, 06 , 20

Philip Morris International (PMI) is actively promoting its new product.

IQOS is presented to the public from different angles, without mentioning the main thing: it's a device for smoking tobacco. Opponents of cigarettes have spent many years trying to get their way - the largest tobacco companies in the world had to admit that smoking causes serious diseases. Many countries have introduced strict restrictions: they banned the advertising of cigarettes and smoking indoors. The basis for the introduction of such measures was an international treaty that was adopted to reduce the demand and supply of tobacco products.

The convention came into force 14 years ago and the smoking industry has changed since then. PMI founded the massive Unsmoke Your World movement to encourage smokers to quit cigarettes. The company has relied on devices that deliver nicotine to the lungs of consumers in a different way: it has developed an electrical system that heats tobacco sticks to 350 degrees, which is much lower than the smoldering temperature of cigarettes, reaching 900 degrees. PMI advertises IQOS, especially in countries where cigarette consumption has significantly decreased or severely limited.

The PMI claims that tobacco emits "an average of 90 to 95 percent less" toxicity when it smolders rather than burns, making the product safer for smokers and their environment. The company created a key visual image: the device is advertised separately from tobacco sticks This ploy has opened up new marketing opportunities for the manufacturer that were previously limited by the WHO FCTC and national smoke-free laws.

In some countries, an electronic device is not subject to relevant regulations, which means that trade is unlimited. This enables PMI to enhance IQOS's public image by generating stylish branded boutiques. The company is actively working to ensure that new regulations are developed for IQOS - so that the tax on products is lower than on cigarettes and that there are fewer bans on the use of the device in public places. IQOS heating system has more than 14 million adult users around the world. This became possible thanks to the business transformation of PMI. It relied on scientific research and the latest technology in the hope of creating a smoke-free future.

PMI launched IQOS 5 years ago, and during this time it has changed the quality of life of millions of users. The IQOS brand treats its customers with attention and care, offering high-quality service and updating the model range taking into account reviews. Adult users can enjoy their familiar aroma and taste, which are fully developed when the tobacco is evenly heated thanks to the patented HeatControl TM technology.

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