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Facts that you should know about IQOS

Facts that you should know about IQOS

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IQOS Dubai devices have many advantages, for example, the absence of a pungent odor, smoke and ash.

Many owners of the device finally got rid of unpleasant attributes, while not abandoning their habit.

Read below 6 important things to know about IQOS before consciously deciding to buy IQOS Dubai.

IQOS is less harmful than cigarettes

This fact is confirmed by many studies. Of course, it is better not to smoke at all. But if the smoker is determined to continue, then doctors and scientists recommend switching to a less harmful alternative - IQOS.

Due to the fact that tobacco in IQOS heats up rather than burns, the user is protected from harmful combustion products - carbon monoxide and carcinogenic resins. When using IQOS, 90-95% less harmful substances are released compared to regular cigarettes.

But there are categories of people to whom IQOS, vapes and regular cigarettes are contraindicated.

iqos and cigarettes

IQOS sticks contain nicotine

Those who call IQOS completely harmless are mistaken. Sticks contain nicotine. Yes, scientists have proven that nicotine is not the most harmful substance in smoking. The worst way is to inhale the gums that cause cancer and respiratory diseases. So, if you can't without nicotine in any way, then it is better to absorb it purified from the deadly products of combustion.

However, nicotine is addictive. And for people with cardiovascular diseases, nicotine intolerance, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, nicotine in any form is categorically contraindicated.

You can't quit smoking with IQOS 

Often smokers find that quitting smoking is possible with IQOS Dubai. From a physiological point of view, IQOS does not contribute to quitting smoking. Sticks contain nicotine in the same concentration as regular cigarettes. So the addiction does not disappear.

But many IQOS users are observing an interesting psychological phenomenon. When you make an effort and refuse harmful cigarettes in favor of something cleaner, then it is easier to lower the daily rate of “smoke” and gradually refuse altogether. But the scientific evidence for this does not exist.

iqos using

IQOS can be used indoors

There is no burning, smoke or secondhand smoke from IQOS. The smell of aerosol quickly dissipates and does not remain on furniture and fabrics. Thus, the gadget can be used almost everywhere: at home, in the car, office, restaurants.

Switching to IQOS is more expensive than smoking regular cigarettes

The price of IQOS is expensive. But the price includes a warranty service. In the event of a breakdown, you simply change the gadget to a brand new one in less than 2 minutes. HEETS sticks are also not cheap. This is just at the level of premium cigarettes.

IQOS Dubai is a stylish accessory

IQOS, like many modern devices, is a functional device to which you can choose accessories to suit your mood. In addition to the basic 4 colors of IQOS, side panels, caps, silicone covers, fabric and leather clips can be purchased. The combination options that you can make are countless!

For those who love the order in the bag is created a special case. It will protect the device and accommodate everything you need - IQOS, a stack of sticks, a cleaning device, etc.

You can order an IQOS online on our website!

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