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Most popular IQOS flavors in the world

Most popular IQOS flavors in the world

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  • Aug, 19 , 20

Currently, there are 8 flavors for HEETS sticks of IQOS.

We’ll tell a little about the most popular IQOS heets tobacco flavors in the world and the sensations of using them.

Heets flavors without menthol

HEETS Yellow Label

This is the weakest of the menthol-free flavors. In the original description, it's a soft and aromatic tobacco mix with spicy notes. In fact, there is almost no smoke. For experienced smokers, this taste will not suit, as it is too weak.

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Amber Label HEETS

It is a specially roasted tobacco taste with light woody and nutty notes, as the original description says. This taste is creamier than the previous one. Smokers who have just switched to IQOS won't be able to catch light woody or nutty notes. It's just a more or less strong taste, very vaguely similar to the taste of cigars. The first puffs give a small "throat hit" and then there is simple smoking and saturation with nicotine.

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Bronze Label HEETS

Bronze Label HEETS is a soft aromatic mix with light notes of cocoa and dried fruit. This is a relatively new taste. There is a debate about this taste on the Internet, many are trying to find chocolate-dried fruit notes in it. It's simply the strongest tobacco flavor in the entire HEETS line. Great and suitable for newcomers! However, for everyday use, it seemed to be a bit strong.

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Flavors with menthol

Turquoise Label HEETS

It is a cold menthol and a velvety tobacco blend with delicate spicy notes. This is an ordinary menthol stick, which reminds of simple menthol cigarettes. There is a lot of menthol here, but not enough tobacco taste. Therefore, these sticks are only suitable for pampering. It is impossible to smoke them all the time. But, Heets Turquoise has a plus: it is great in the early stages of the transition to IQOS, as it gives a noticeable TH, and an affinity to the sensations of a regular cigarette.

Purple Label HEETS

Purple Label HEETS is a tobacco blend with menthol and wild berries aroma. From the first puff, it hits the throat, then it opens with menthol and the aftertaste of wild berries. It has a very pleasant taste. It seems as sweet as Green Zing. IQOS purple menthol is suitable for everyday use.

Green Zing HEETS

Rich and cooling menthol is enhanced with fresh citrus and herbal notes. Also a relatively new taste. But this taste is amateur. The first acquaintance with this taste can give off a slightly sour lemon taste. Then a little fermented tea was added to this mishmash of taste. All this is richly flavored with menthol, and a little tobacco flavor is added. Nuclear mixture! Heets mint is great for freshening up or capturing the sensation of lemon tea.

Gold Selection new flavor of HEETS sticks for IQOS

IQOS has released a new flavor of HEETS Gold Selection sticks. According to the company, this is the velvety taste of specially roasted tobacco with woody notes and light refreshing shade. Aromatic notes: light freshness. This taste is positioned as the middle between Bronze and Amber.

IQOS Heets Gold


Yugen HEETS has an intense and floral aroma. A delightful combo of fruity notes and floral aromas with a fresh finish. Girls should like this taste because it is very floral, very perfume-like. Men most likely will not like it, as it has a smell of flowers.

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