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IQOS in UAE: Using, restrictions, laws and other interesting facts!

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The United Arab Emirates is tolerant of tobacco smoking in public places.

Therefore, smoking areas in Dubai are widespread. There is no total ban on smoking, but there are a number of restrictions. For example, smoking cigarettes and using vape devices are prohibited in certain places. Those who like to smoke an IQOS stick or a cigar under a cup of aromatic coffee, while enjoying the beautiful views of the Persian Gulf or contemplating the landscapes of a modern technological metropolis, should know in advance about the nuances and restrictions of smoking in the UAE.

How popular IQOS is in UAE?

There are dozens of states that impose restrictions on the import and sale of electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating systems. Therefore, for travelers, the question will always be relevant, is it possible to smoke IQOS in Dubai? YES! But this was not always the case, and the UAE government, like other countries, introduces regulations and restrictions on the sale, as well as the import of electronic cigarettes, heaters and components (additives, box mods, consumables, etc.).

Since 2019, the global tobacco corporation PMI announced that it is starting to sell tobacco heaters in UAE supermarkets. At the same time, the implementation of IQOS in Dubai Duty Free began earlier. This contributed to the softening of the legislation of the Emirates. So, let's figure out where and what tourists can smoke in Dubai and other cities of the UAE.

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Smoking in Dubai in public places – features and nuances

Until 2019, there was a law ( 2017) that imposed fines for smoking electronic cigarettes in public places (shopping centers) - $545. At the same time, until 2017, the punishment was milder and amounted to about $130-140. The government made concessions and since 2019 allowed the sale of heating systems in the UAE. At the same time, sticks (consumables) are subject to 100% duty. A very important point is that electronic cigarettes and heating systems are completely different gadgets. But they are subject to the same rules.

Features of smoking in Dubai (UAE) for tourists:

  • despite the fact that smoking is prohibited on the territory of the city's airports, there are specially designated places where the use of IQOS is allowed;

  • during the celebration of the holy Ramadan, a ban on smoking is introduced, including for tourists. Smoking tobacco in public carries a fine or a month in prison. It should be noted that smoking cigarettes and IQOS on the territory of the hotel during Ramadan is not prohibited;

  • smoking in a vehicle, including in personal vehicle is prohibited if there is a child under 12 years of age in the cabin;

  • tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and IQOS Dubai can be purchased by persons over 18 years of age;

  • Dubai Municipality has banned smoking in parks and beaches. The ban also applies to hookahs.

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Where to buy IQOS in Dubai?

You can buy heets and any tobacco products at PMI brand stores, supermarkets and shopping centers. On the territory of the largest shopping and entertainment center, Dubai Mall, tourists can easily find IQOS and heet products.

There are several restrictions on the sale:

  • you can’t find, for example, chocolate in the form of cigarettes on sale;
  • the sale of IQOS and other products is prohibited within a radius of 150 meters from residential buildings;
  • the sale of such products is possible only with a special license from the seller.
  • If you thought it was possible to find IQOS in the UAE, now you know that there will be no problem with this.

Interesting fact

In the UAE, pregnant women are not allowed to smoke hookah, electronic cigarettes, tobacco and IQOS. This norm is fixed in the current legislation. Moreover, pregnant women are not allowed to visit hookah lounges, even if they have no intention of smoking.

Can you bring IQOS to the UAE?

There is a high probability that your vape and e-cigarettes will be confiscated while passing through customs at Dubai Airport and other cities in the Emirates. Iqos can be carried in hand luggage in the UAE without any problems.

By the way, the customs legislation of the Emirates is one of the most loyal regarding the import of tobacco products. It is allowed to import duty-free into the territory of the state up to 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars or half a kilogram of pipe tobacco. And if you pay a small duty, you can import even more tobacco products.

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